Pool Supplies

Why use harsh chemicals, when you can use gentle minerals to keep your pool healthy and natural?  With Backyard Brands line of products, we can help you keep your backyard a pleasurable experience each time.


Dazzle has many products to offer for your swimming pool needs!  Anything you will ever need to prevent algae, kill algae, clean up algae, and keep your water balanced.  http://dazzlewatercare.com


Pristiva’s Salt Water System is an incredible way to protect your investment from stain, scale and corrosion!  This 3-step process is easy to use and provides protection to your heater, filter, pump, ladder, light rings or any other underwater metal surfaces.  http://pristiva.net


Mineraluxe is a luxurious system for your spa, where you can sit back, relax and enjoy in the comfort of your own backyard.  The most effective way to provide smooth, silky water for those with sensitive skin.  Come on in and give it a try with our sample pack!   http://mineraluxewater.com


Jack’s Magic is truly magical!  Identify, remove and prevent stains!  Our certified S.O.S. staff can help you solve your stain problems and prevent them from coming back!   Whether is copper, iron, manganese, cobalt, scale or even organics… we have the solution!  http://www.jacksmagic.com