WHEN: Wednesday April 27th, 2016 at 7:00pm

WHERE: 4261 Hwy #7, Unit B3, Markham Ontario, L3R 9W6

WHO: All pool owners.

WHAT: • Learn how to achieve sparkling, safe water
 • Learn more about our eco-friendly products
 • Tips for the budget conscious consumer
No matter what type of surface exists on your pool, maintaining proper water chemistry is important to protect it from damage, extending the time until repair or replacement. Water that is very aggressive or unbalanced will contribute to a faster breakdown of your liner’s plasticizers. This, in turn, will shorten the life of your liner.
Just because your water is blue and clear does not mean that all your levels are balanced. The best way to protect your investment and guarantee safe water for you and your family is to have your water professionally tested every 2 weeks. Because we, at Mayfair Pools know how important balanced water is, we offer our water analysis to you at no cost.
Bring in a water sample to our Water Solutions Centre where our trained staff will analyze your sample. Our computerized system will provide information, which our staff will take the time to walk you through step by step. Our goal is to aid you in achieving perfectly balanced water that you can feel proud of with a minimum of effort and time.
Once the seminar is completed, we offer our guests a sale of 15% off all water care products. There will be staff ready to answer your questions and hear your concerns. Light food and beverage will be provided as well as a free “swag bag”!

For information on salt water pools specifically, join us for our SALT WATER NIGHT on Tuesday May 31st at 7pm.

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